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Five Days

of Artisan Bread

Our five-day Artisan Bread Camp is the perfect opportunity to take your baking to the next level. Over the course of this five day camp, you will learn a variety of bread making techniques through the creation of eight different styles of bread. We will cover everything from baking theory and fundamentals to milling your own flour.  This class is specifically geared towards individuals who have a passion for baking and want to learn more in a very hands-on environment. You can learn more about the individual lessons during each class below. The cost of this five day artisan bread class is $1350 and includes lunch and dinner for all class sessions.

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Artisan Bread Classes - Bread Camp

Artisan Bread Classes Camp Description

Bread Camp


An artisan is defined as “one that produces something in limited quantities often using traditional methods.”  At the end of our five day Artisan Bread Class course, you will be well on your way to becoming an artisan baker. You will be immersed in the theory and fundamentals of artisan bread so that you can apply this knowledge across many different types of breads to produce a quality product.  Repetition is a key to success and this very hands-on class will have you repeating and practicing the foundational skills of a baker every day. Our end goal will be that these fundamentals will be committed to memory so that you can continue to hone your skills outside of the Artisan Bread Classes.

Artisan Breads Covered during Camp

The Artisan Bread Camp will meet daily from 9am to 5pm, with gourmet lunch and dinner provided (we’re foodies). Every day we will make different breads while discussing and developing the theory behind what we do.  In addition to in-depth discussions about wood ovens, milling grains, and baking, we will be making these exciting breads:

  • Sourdough Focaccia
  • Sourdough Country Loaves with Variations, including Cranberry, Walnut, and Cherry
  • Ciabatta (a classic Italian loaf)
  • Pizza Dough (specifically Neapolitan pizza)
  • Sourdough English Muffins made with sourdough and a preferment
  • Ancient and Sprouted Grain Breads (Rye, Spelt, Heritage Turkey Red Wheat, etc.)
  • Sourdough Bagels
  • Commercial baking, focusing on mixing, shaping and baking 40+ loaves
Artisan Bread Camp Class Breakdown


Class Breakdown

At the beginning of the class you will be given a binder with all the recipes and places to keep notes. This will provide reference for everything discussed and practiced in class so that you can continue to build and iterate the skills acquired during bread camp.  You will also take home a sourdough leaven that you will refresh and maintain so there will be no shortage of amazing breads for you to share with your friends and family.

Artisan Bread Classes - Rosemary Focaccia

Artisan Bread Camp – Day 1

As we begin the first day of artisan bread Camp, you will quickly realize just how much there is to learn about artisan bread making and the skills required to produce a loaf with amazing flavor, proper texture and artisanal beauty.  We will begin the class by setting some goals as to what we would like to accomplish during the week.  You will be introduced to a foundation of bread making skills that you will continue to build upon throughout the class.  We will discuss the following:

  • Mise en place – This French term, translated as “putting in place”, is the most important fundamental skill we will practice.  This refers to your tools, equipment and ingredients.
  • Methodology and Theory – While we understand that you are anxious to get your hands in the dough, understanding the history of the grains you use and how they are processed shows you a more complete picture of your products.
  • Essential Skills – This will cover everything from hydration to kneading, shaping to dough development, and preferments to baking in a wood fired oven or how to get the same loaf baked in a home oven.

After lunch, we will get our hands in the dough and you will begin to learn through repetition of skills and muscle memory.  We will start creating your very own sourdough leaven from nothing more than our freshly milled Louismill Organic Turkey Red Heritage Wheat and water.  We will continue over the next four days to nurture this starter, so that it will be strong and active when you take it home with you.  We will then practice the skills discussed in the morning session by making Focaccia and a Sourdough Country Loaf, focusing on the techniques of mixing, hand kneading, folding and shaping.

A family style dinner of MozzaPi pizza will bring everyone together and give us time to find out more about each other and what brings each baker to Artisan Bread Camp.

Artisan Bread Classes - Stone Mill and Flour

Artisan Bread Camp – Day 2

We will begin by reviewing Day 1 and answering any questions that might have arisen. We will then start milling our very own organic flour to be used in Country Loaves. We will talk all about the wheat properties, types of flours, their uses, etc. while we watch the mill create beautiful fresh flour. We will also dig a little deeper into some of those topics we covered during the previous class, so that you can gain a more firm grasp on these essential ideas. Then we will begin our baking day by refreshing our personal sourdough leaven and discussing how important time and temperature are as ingredients.  Now that you have amassed some basic skills, we will reinforce those skills by making Focaccia and Country Loaf again (repetition).

Who doesn’t love pizza?  After lunch we will explore different pizza crust models and the foundations of what makes these crusts so different.  We will make our own Neapolitan pizza crusts by mixing, hand kneading and folding (skills we learned from making Focaccia and Country Loaves).

While we will bake our Country Loaves, which fermented overnight, we will talk about wood ovens, covering topics from how to build one to the thermal properties that make them so great to bake bread in.  We will discuss and dissect the differences between firing in a wood fired oven and baking at home, learning some tips of the trade so that the color, flavor and texture of your home baked loaves resembles that of a wood fired oven.

We will close out our second day at the artisan bread classes by shaping our bread loaves to bake the next day and discussing preferments, firm starters and how they are used.

Artisan Bread Classes - Baking School English Muffins

Artisan Bread Camp – Day 3

We will again start the day by feeding our sourdough leaven.  You will be able to see the changes that have begun in this fresh grain leaven as it starts to smell very much like sourdough.  As you continue to gain confidence and skills, we will begin to delve into variations of the Country Loaves. We will explore the concept of folding in items like sprouted wheat, cherries, walnuts, and sprouted rye. There will be some group discussion on why ancient and sprouted grains are important, how to sprout your own grains at home and how these grains differ from common grains.

Remember those pizza crusts we made yesterday?  Today we get to discuss how to shape those crusts, how to fire them and most importantly….what to put on top of them. Yum.. we just made our lunch!

We will close out the third day of Artisan Bread Classes by learning to make Ciabatta, focusing on how preferments can be used with sourdough to create complex flavor. We will also start our bagels for tomorrow’s lunch, which we will be baking the traditional way on soaked cedar boards in the wood oven.


Artisan Bread Camp – Day 4

Like small children or pets, your leaven needs to be fed every day as you create it (we will also discuss how to keep your starter going when you are on vacation or planning to take some time off from your everyday baking).  To further cement our muscle memory and artisan baking skills, we will start the day by making Focaccia. However, we will modify these loaves by adding variations, such as roasted red pepper, and grape. We will also learn about making sourdough English Muffins using a preferment and our Louismill stone ground cornmeal.

We will also shape and bake our sourdough bagels in the wood fired oven. This is a great opportunity to learn about the different flavors that you can add to a homemade bagel. Our batches of fresh bagels will be baked the traditional way, using soaked cedar planks placed in our wood fired oven. Be sure to let your creativity shine, as we will be eating these delicious bagels for lunch!

Next we will enter the world of the commercial baker!  We will discuss baking in larger quantities and you will learn how to use a commercial fork mixer and how this differs from hand mixing. (We will also discuss mixing and folding in tubs for larger batches).  By mixing and shaping 40 loaves, you will have the opportunity to experience baking bread in larger volumes, as well as getting plenty of practice in shaping and crafting multiple loaves.

Artisan Bread Classes - Baking School Country Loaf

Artisan Bread Camp – Day 5

After feeding our leaven, it will be ready to transport home. We will also be sending you home with a lifetime of Artisan Bread Class memories and tasty treats.  Today you will get hands-on experience in firing the 40+ loaves we shaped yesterday.  Utilizing the wood oven, you will learn the essential techniques for what it takes to fire the perfect sourdough loaf.  You will also have plenty of loaves to practice different scoring techniques. By now, you will have the skills necessary to call yourself an artisan baker and you will possess the necessary fundamental skills, muscle memory and recipes to go home and share your knowledge with friends and family.

Artisan Bread Classes FAQs

Artisan Bread

Camp FAQs

    • What will I get to take home?

You will have your binder full of all the recipes and your notes, as well as all of the tools you will need to continue baking at home! You will also take home lots of bread, knowledge, and the confidence to continue to practice your artisan craft as a baker.

**The fee for the 5-day Artisan Bread Camp in Anchorage, Kentucky includes tuition, extensive course recipes & notes, all ingredients, 2 bannetons, as well as gourmet lunch & dinner for 5 days.

    • Where will the classes be held?

At our milling, baking, and restaurant located at  12102 Lagrange Road Anchorage Kentucky 40223 (25 minutes from Louisville KY Airport)

    • What kind of meals will be served?

We love eating healthy. Lunch will usually consist of a salad, hummus, etc. and breads that we have baked during class. If you would like to explore restaurants in the area, please let us know what nights you might not be here for dinner. Also, please feel free to bring any sort of alcoholic beverages to accompany dinner (wine, beer, etc). While most of our meals will have some protein, there will also be a vegetarian version as well.

    • What about Lodging?

Upon request we will supply you with a list of hotels and Airbnb options near the artisan bread classes.


All payments for the Artisan Bread Camp are non-refundable within 60 days of Bread Camp start date. If you would like a refund prior to that time, please contact us direct and we will be able to issue a 75% refund. Any refunds after this 60-day window will be forfeit, however you may decide to sell your Artisan Bread Camp spot at full price to recoup any loses.

    • What if I didn’t enjoy the Artisan Bread Camp?

We have been hosting sourdough classes at the Artisan Bread Classes in Anchorage, KY since 2011 and have received so many Thank You notes and kind words relating to our student’s experience with the Artisan Bread Classes. We are confident you will enjoy your time as others have in the past. If for any reason you were not completely satisfied with the class, we will refund you your class tuition in full.

    • How do I register for Artisan Bread Camp?

All you need to do is head to our Schedule page and fill out the contact form in order to get your name on our class register. We will contact you shortly after submission with additional details about the Artisan Bread Classes and information about housing and transportation, if you need it. So if you are interested, please head HERE to register for our Camp or any of our other classes.