Artisan Bread Class Reviews

Artisan Bread Class Reviews

We receive a lot of positive feedback for our Artisan Bread Classes and our Artisan Bread Camp. Here are just a few of the reviews and words of praise that we have received since beginning our work as the Artisan Bread Classes. Be sure to take a look at our Artisan Bread Class schedule for upcoming class dates and details.

“As a small-time commercial baker, I saw immediate improvements in my baking after returning home from the Bread Camp. Tom’s experience and knowledge opened my eyes to many news aspects of fermentation and shaping especially, and I left with a deeper understanding of local grains, natural leaven, and getting good flavor into bread. The MozzaPi team was so hospitable and the homemade meals were DELICIOUS. The class format allowed me to ask all my questions, and to learn lots from the other students, themselves knowledgeable bakers. Most importantly, I left feeling confident in my skills and willing to experiment with and improve my baking. This is an excellent class for almost anyone seriously interested in bread baking, at home or professionally… I got so much out of the class! The loaves I’m baking now look and taste very different than 2 weeks ago. I’ve been able to make my feeding schedule more convenient, change dough hydration, and score and shape differently.”

– Michael G, Forest VA  (Artisan Bread Camp, September 2015)

“Bread Camp was the highlight of my summer and you all made it wonderful… I really can’t say thank you enough, I learned so much in the 5 days and have continued to learn since coming home.”

– Lindsey S, Owensboro KY (Artisan Bread Camp, September 2015) 

“I thoroughly enjoyed my Introduction to Sourdough class at MozzaPi.  The class size was small so everyone got the attention they needed.  We all were able to do hands-on preparation and were able to observe Tom [Edwards] preparing the dough and then we were able to eat WONDERFUL BREAD, PIZZA AND FOCCACIA… I highly recommend this class for total beginners or for slightly more experienced bakers.  Great fun!”

– Randy P, Louisville KY (Intro to Sourdough Class, September 2015)

“I took Tom’s class to increase my knowledge of bread with the goal of selling my bread for additional farm income.  I would HIGHLY recommend Tom’s classes.  Our class had a range from experienced professional to home cook.  We all learned tons and had lots of samples to bring home.”

– Candy H, Shelbyville KY (Artisan Bread Camp, September 2015)

“I’ve been a home baker for a few years and volunteered at a bakery in Greece for a month, but this was the first actual bread-making class I’d taken. I was so full of information by the end of the day, that I was actually having trouble paying attention going into the final hour.”

– Lisa M, Lexington KY (Intro to Sourdough Class, July 2015)

“I am a home baker.  Could I learn to make the hearth breads I love in my home oven?  Yes!  The opportunity to work side-by-side in a small class with professional artisan bakers who have a focus on nutrition and healthy eating was priceless!”

– Keith K, Louisville KY (Artisan Bread Camp, January 2016)

“I would like to thank everyone for the amazing week I have at The Artisan Bread Classes. The course, the group and the place were way above my expectations. You guys are really nice and the breads we’ve done together were delicious ( My family loved!! ). I hope Tom will create [more artisan bread course] and I certainly cross the border driving ten hours more to be there again.”

– Luis R, Montreal, Quebec (Artisan Bread Camp, March 2016)

I had the good fortune to attend the March 2016 Artisan Bread Class conducted by talented instructor Tom Edwards and his expert hard-working sister Lori Himmelsbach.  Our days were intense but enjoyable as they were filled with as much hands-on artisan bread making as could possibly be packed into a day as well as conversations about the art and science of bread making.  It was apparent that they had a sincere desire to impart their knowledge to each of us so that we could leave the class having fulfilled our goals, whether it be bread baking as a hobby or as a business.  They made sure we knew how the dough should feel; proper kneading technique; how loaves should be formed.  It was the gift that will keep on giving since bread baking can bring a lifetime of pleasure.”

– Mary Ann T, Louisville KY (Artisan Bread Camp, March 2016)

“I’ve recently got back into [bread making] and am so happy! My loaves are looking better each time. Of course, I can see where I need to improve on certain things like scoring and shaping, etc.., but I’m thrilled to be able to recognize that and see what needs work! I wanted to send my thanks to you all from Mozzapi! Even though I had been baking bread on and off prior to attending bread camp, what I really took away from the week was confidence in myself as a baker. I feel more confident making alterations and trying new things.”

– Shaina W, San Diego CA (Artisan Bread Camp, March 2016)

“I just baked the two loaves that I made in class. SPECTACULAR. This is exactly the bread I’ve dreamed on making. Its actually much simpler than I had imagined. I’ve baked about four other loaves similar which gave me just enough confidence going in. Tom is an excellent teacher which always makes the difference! I couldn’t be happier with what I learned and how the day went. I can’t wait to take the pizza class.”

– Kim M, Louisville KY (Intro to Sourdough Class, April 2016)

“The Artisan Bread Camp was more than just a baking class! It was an immersion into a healthier way of eating and living. The sharing of family meals was such a cool part of the experience and Lisa [Edwards] wowed us with her healthy, organic, plant focused meals. We left feeling physically and emotionally revived and inspired. We love the mission of your project(s) and look forward to sharing the skills we learned and growing the philosophy of local, healthy food systems and communities. I came into the class hoping to learn to make as many sourdough recipes as possible as the fermented sourdoughs are considered gluten free. I appreciate that Tom tried to cater to our individual goals and I felt that my goal was accomplished. The classes were intense but fun, informative and very hands on! A great experience for us!

– Gil & Kris B, Columbus OH (Artisan Bread Camp, August 2016)

“The week I spent at the Artisan Bread Camp outside Louisville, Kentucky transformed my bread baking skills from that of a very interested novice baker to a more confident and consistent one. I have been baking weekly, sometimes daily since I left. The setting was nurturing to both mind and spirit. Tom and Lori took the needed time to answer every question and Tom’s wife Lisa nurtured our bellies with amazing lunches and dinners. They have built a beautiful workshop amidst an idyllic setting. I send my sincere thanks to everyone, my classmates included, for a truly memorable experience.”

– Amy O, Cumberland, MA (Artisan Bread Camp, November 2016)

“Bread Camp is just barely in my rear view mirror and I am already nostalgic. [Tom and Lori] have created something beyond most imaginations: a magical destination, marked by so much creativity, love, and joy.  And it shows in everything you touch. I can’t imagine what [their] parents must have been like; [Tom and Lori] both are such an inspiration. I have already shared my pictures with everyone I know, from the bread, to the setting, to some of Tom woodworking pieces. ”

– Susanne B, Boston, MA (Artisan Bread Camp, March 2017)

“I wanted to again thank you all for a very enlightening week of bread making. As I am not a baker, I wasn’t sure I was capable of making anything edible.  [Lori] and Tom gave me confidence each day as I learned more and more about the whole process of making breads by actually doing it with your guidance. I am looking forward to making all the breads you taught me to how to make.  You all are true artist at your craft and I am so glad I came to your bread  camp.”

– Chuck W, Pittsburg, PA (Artisan Breach Camp, March 2017)

“I came to class with the anticipation of learning sourdough breads and wood fired baking.  I was not disappointed. The craftsmanship of the building, bread and instructors was amazing.  Oh yeah, the gourmet meals in the evening cooked by Lisa was the perfect ending each day.  I learned more than I expected.” Read More

– Johnna S, Memphis, TN (Artisan Bread Camp, March 2017)

“In this age of instant girts, instant oatmeal, and Instagram; a different approach to the art of bread making can be experienced at the Artisan Bread Classes and, MozzaPi! The major learning agent in the breads is sourdough bread, although instant yeast is used in many recipe.  However, there is not the sharp tang usually associated with sourdough.  Tom Edwards carries his artisan philosophy from his bread making and wood fired one through to slicing cured meats on a hand powered slicer, curing pork bellies for bacon and roasting and grinding coffee beans for the espresso machine.  He even mills whole grains for several products.  I highly recommend MozzaPi’s Artisan Bread Classes.”

– Bob H, Louisville, KY (Artisan Bread Camp, March 2017)

“I came here to develop my skills as a home baker and feel confident that I learned wonderful skills to bake quality artisan bread. That I expected . What was unexpected was the group cohesion that resulted from the kind nature of the instructors and participants. I feel grateful for what I learned and for the people I experienced the camp week with. It’s amazing what you can learn in a week, not to mention the volume of bread the class made.”

– Melanie B, Columbus, IN (Artisan Bread Camp, April 2017)

“I read a number of books on artisan bread baking in the past, and they all tell you enough information to bake something that looks like a loaf of bread. The only thing missing are the small details that would have you bake a great loaf. In the Artisan Bread Camp, you learn about all the mistakes you made at ome and how to correct them.”

– Thomas D, New Jersey (Artisan Bread Camp, April 2017)

“Artisan Bread Camp instills the joy and creative process of baking bread. This is a full on hands on experience. I truly enjoyed my many successes as well as those that did not come out exactly as I planned. It was always interesting to me to try and figure out the mystery of why a bread did not turn out 100% the way you wanted. My fellow group of bakers were always supportive and everyone pitched in with the work equally. Tom and Lori do a fantastic job and their passion and care really shines through!”

– Richard K (Artisan Bread  Camp, September 2017)

Where does one start? This was one of those experiences you will always fondly remember. Why, just listen:

Authentic-learn age old techniques, demonstrated and with hands on instruction, ending with real life production… delicious baked goods. And in a beautiful facility—gorgeous wood burning oven, milling apparatus, and lovely restaurant.

Knowledgeable-both instructors, Tom and Lori, have a wealth of knowledge to share with you, of techniques and tips they have learned through their own hands-on experiences and from worldwide trips they have done to the sources of old world baking.

Passionate-the instructors’ excitement for their craft is on display every minute of the course. And for comic breaks, Tom will entertain you with his unique form of humor J

Personal-the class size makes for a perfect environment to learn, and share the experience on the spot with your fellow classmates. This fact, with the offer of dining nightly together at Tom’s own home. Treated with delicious fare from his wife Lisa’s kitchen makes for a wonderful way to end each day of baking… breaking bread with your new found baking buddies.

And at completion, off you go with tested recipes, loads of your baked goodies, and an experience that is simply priceless. Thanks so much for all you provided and the continued comradery offered even after completion of the class… you know, answering all my questions about topics learned and ones I am just wondering about!

– Barry B (Artisan Bread Camp, March 2018)

The Artisan Bread Camp at MozzaPi was an incredible and memorable week. Both the course and the staff at MozzaPi were exceptional. This is a very experiential course so I was able to understand many nuances of baking sourdough that aren’t relayed in the cookbooks. Lori and Tom not only equipped me with skills and knowledge, but also in confidence. In the months that have passed since bread camp I have continued baking and have begun a small csb in my own community! I am so grateful for this experience and would highly recommend this course

– Esther S, Pennsylvania (Artisan Bread Camp, August 2018)

The one week Artisan Bread Camp at MozzaPi is the best week I have had in a long time…I learned a lot and had so much fun. It was super inspiring getting to know Tom and Lori who really loved their job. Also baking together with the students from all over US was an amazing experience. I just wish my stomach was bigger so I could eat more when I was there. The breads we made and Lisa’s dinners were excellent. I use the technics I learned and everybody loves my bread. Truly recommend the camp!!!

– Anita M (Artisan Bread Camp, March 2018)

If you want to learn more about artisan bread baking, attend this class! You will leave inspired and empowered to take your baking to the next level! The instructors are very knowledgeable and have the expertise you would hope for. Lots of learning, lots of fun, lots of great food!
Happy Baking!!

– D (Artisan Bread Camp, 2018)

This was an exceptional experience made so enjoyable by all the wonderful staff at MozzaPi. The instruction by owner Tom, getting us started the first two days was thorough allowing us to dive in with a hands-in experience you can’t get from a book or video. The next three days with Lori allowed me to grow my experience expanding my knowledge with ever more hands in the dough fun. Tom, Lori and all the staff passed along so many important techniques to be successful in sourdough bread making whether just making a loaf at home or starting a bigger adventure. We were also treated to guest instructor Roy who gave us great insight to Rye bread making and baking. This was an experience I will cherish. Thank you all for a wonderful week.

– Jim K (Artisan Bread Camp, May 2019)

I came in to the camp with a zeal for learning more about artisan sourdough as I had started playing around with it for a few months. I had practiced from Tartine’s book, and other than that was completely novice. I was hoping to learn enough to see whether it was a potential career for me or just a hobby. I took the class in March and now in June I am selling out at our local farmers market. The teaching from Tom and Lori suits the gamut of learning styles. And as a class we have people still in touch to motivate and are on the baking journey with us. The class as a whole is a fantastic, intensive, and hands-on getaway. I owe much thanks to the camp and my new friends

– Sara P (Artisan Bread Camp, Jan 2019)

Bread Camp was an unforgettable experience for me. I learned great recipes and techniques, ate lots of wonderful bread and dishes, worked in interesting facilities along side a group of folks who came to learn and grow. I even enjoyed Tom’s “punny” sense of humor!

Thanks so much to the MozzaPi family!
Pierre Boulogne (Artisan Bread Camp, Oct 2021)